One Iine Atrwork – SLJ

Today, I did the task named one line artwork. I created a squirrel and coloured it in brown. I did the coloring technique called the outlining where you colour beside the outline and shade it in a lighter tone in the center. Here is how it came out. I chose to try and replicate the drawing really well but I also made the choice to add a mouth [ you can’t really see it that much ].

The task was to create a one line drawing with examples there to help you. A one line drawing is when once  your pen/marker/pencil/etc touches the paper or canvas you cannot lift it back again. You continue drawing to create something that people can tell easily what it is.

My thoughts while doing this was that mine didn’t look as great as the person who demonstrated it but at the end of the day I was proud of it. That’s it for today – Malo Aupito, Meitaki Ma’ata and thank you!!!



One thought on “One Iine Atrwork – SLJ

  1. Kia ora Alilia,

    This is a great looking squirrel! You should be proud of it. It looks as though you have shaded the brown on the squirrel close to the lines. Do you have any tips for up and coming artists on shading when colouring in? You’ve also left some clear instructions on how to create a line drawing. What did you find challenging with this activity?

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

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